Meet the Curator

Hi everyone!

I'm Kayla, owner and curator here at Prohibition and Pearls at Home.

If you know me, you know I take a lot of pride in the way my home feels. I love having items that give you a feeling of comfort, but are also stylish in their own right. My favorite pieces usually have a vintage flair (I really like mixing pieces from different periods) and I'm downright obsessed with florals, walnut stain, lace, brown leather, and mixing masculine and feminine pieces. My style is very paradoxical and makes no sense on paper, but visually, I think it just works. Every single thing you see in the shop is something I would either use myself or put in my own home.

Some more about me:

  • I love indoor plants (I have about 30 and can't stop collecting). 
  • I have a huge interest in architecture.
  • I studied a lot of art history and fine art in college as well as photography, which is my main job.
  • I love reading to the point that I'll stay up all night with a good book. I have no restraint.
  • I'm embarrassingly nerdy. I love the Renaissance Festival, anything involving King Arthur, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones (seasons 1-7 only), Harry Potter, and essentially any fantasy book/movie/tv show I can find.
  • Music is really important to me. If you want to make me smile, ask me for a playlist or share yours with me.
  • I'm equally right and left brained.
  • I think it's really fun to talk about astrology and personality types (I'm Aries and INFJ).

Thank you so much for being here and taking an interest in me/my shop. I hope you find some pieces you really love!